Top 5 ‘Must Have’ Magento Extensions

Top 5 Magento Extensions

Although every online store has its own requirements and needs particular extensions to achieve them,
there are a few best Magento extensions that every store owner must use to enhance the functionality of their stores. From tracking your sales and invoices to making your checkout easier and from getting product reviews from customers to displaying related products, the following extensions will help you a great deal to better manage your online store.


One Page Checkout: One page checkout Magento extension significantly reduces the number of steps in the checkout process.  By default, Magento provides six separate steps for the checkout to complete which may annoy some of your customers.  This highly useful Magento extension simplifies the checkout process into just a single step. This in turn boosts conversion rate and increases store revenue.


Magento WordPress Integration: Integrate the best open source e-commerce platform with the best open source blogging platform through Magento WordPress Integration extension. This extension will help you create great content to your online store and improve your SEO. You can start blogging by logging into WordPress dashboard from Magento’s admin panel.


Yotpo: Let your customers put reviews on products they have bought and give you and your potential customers more information about the products. Generally, new customers want to make sure the product they are buying is good and really delivers what it’s supposed to before they actually buy the product.  Positive reviews about a product will attract them to buy the product. This extension helps generate product reviews by allowing you to email a customer after a purchase and ask for their thoughts about the product. You can also customize the email style.


Related Products Manager: This Magento extension uses stored shopper data to generate related products, up–sells, cross-sells for the entire catalog.  It keeps your visitors engaged on your e-commerce store by displaying related products when there are no additional products to display. A visitor might not be interested in one product due to its price or features, but might be enticed by another related product. This extension uses previous purchases and customer’s views to generate related products.


MageMail: MageMail is a triggered email extension which allows you to send emails on certain events.  There may be a significant number of customers who want to shop from you again if you reach out to them with timely emails. You can set emails to be sent on specific events such as abandoned cart, birthday, purchase anniversary, new product announcements, and product recommendations etc. This Magento extension charges 3% of the attributed sales so you don’t pay unless you profit. You can monitor results and track revenue and cost.

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