How to Make Your Magento Store More Secure


Frauds in online transactions have been a major issue since the beginning of e-commerce. Millions of online shoppers have fallen prey to fraudsters suffering financial loss and identity theft. The percentage of fraudulent activities was high in the beginning due to the lack of awareness and fraud protection techniques.  A report conducted in 2008 estimated $3.6 billion online revenues lost in 2007. Now, there are about 0.9% of online fraudulent transactions.

There are various types of online frauds among which Credit card fraud and identity theft are common. In credit card fraud, a credit card is used by an authorized person to make transactions. In identity fraud, a person steals and uses someone’s personal information and data without permission. Secure and fraud free shopping must be the top priority of any online shopping store. In today’s highly competitive e-commerce world where online transactions have become a norm, merchants need to make sure their online stores are 100% secure by implementing fraud protection techniques.

Magento stores have been the target of choice for hackers. They can easily penetrate in a vulnerable Magento store and compromise its integrity. A compromised Magento store can suffer from bad reputation, customer’s loss and revoked privileges.

Here is what you can do to make your Magento store more fraud protected.

1. Proxy Detection & Evaluation

Intruders use proxies to hide their true location. While proxies itself are not a direct indicator of fraudulent behavior but when combined with other data, it can be used to determine whether or not the user’s activities are suspicious.

Proxy Detection services allow you to detect the IP addresses of the orders coming to your site. You can then compare these IP addresses to the known lists of good and bad IP addresses to figure out IP’s that are suspicious. This technique is one way to keep the Magento store resistant to frauds to a large extent.

2. Using Geolocation

As the name explains, geolocation services help you find out the geographic location of a visitor. Using this information, online merchants can spot fraudulent transactions and address them. Merchants can use geographic location in a few ways to determine which orders are genuine and which are intended for frauds.

Logically shoppers will be making orders within close proximity to their billing or shipping addresses. Reports say that orders coming from 400 miles or more away from the shipping address have higher chances of being fraudulent. With this in mind, merchants can categorize different orders.

If the user profile shows frequent changes in the observed behaviors and what they have on file, chances are the order is not genuine. Most valid users follow a straight pattern.

3. Address Verification Service

With some specific order made in by some customer whose information is not available to you. That means you can simply evaluate the validity of any order just by searching for the name or any other value from the AVS data and deem it verified for authentic transaction.

4. Linking your Data

E-merchants can also detect fraudulent behaviors by understanding the trends and preferences of all the orders they have received. Just put all the information from all the orders placed on your site together in an easy readable format and go through all the details like credit card number, Machine ID, order velocity etc.

5. Get Expert’s Help

It is important to consult Magento security experts who have experience in developing security strategies to stop any possible fraud or threat. They can provide you with useful tips, ideas and material on how to make your E-commerce store more protected.

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