5 Tips to Write Effective Magento Product Descriptions

Traditional shopping is much different than shopping from an online store. While in-store shopping gives you the privilege to not only see the product, but also touch or try on it, you can only see the product in online shopping. This fact makes online sales and conversions much difficult. To overcome this challenge to a certain extent, the product descriptions should be so compelling that prospective customers not only get to know what the product does but they also feel it.  Effective product descriptions make visitors interested in the product and thus help increase conversions. Following are some guidelines which will help you make your Magento product descriptions more effective.

1. Integrate Media
Adding a video or audio explaining your product is a great way to introduce the product. It gives a live touch and has the potential to effectively describe the product in a short time. You can explain every aspect of your Magento product by showing your visitors what you are talking about. This way customers get a clear understanding of the product which increases their chances of buying it.

2. Explain Your Product from Every Angle
Only those products have high rate of conversions that don’t leave visitors in confusion. Customers have dozens of questions about the product and want to clarify everything before deciding to buy it. Explain everything about the product i.e. what the product is all about, what does the product do, how to use the product, what are the features and benefits, price etc. Make sure your product description is free of any grammatical and conceptual errors and easy to understand.

3. Offer Multiple Sizes of the Product
If your product is something where one size does not fit everyone, you should provide multiple product sizes to satisfy variety of customers. For example, garments or shoes stores can upload images of different sizes of the same product.

4. Provide High Quality Product Images
Enhance user’s shopping experience by providing large and clear product images. If users have a hard time viewing your product images, there is little chance of them getting interested in buying it. Quality images are also useful for site usability and SEO purposes.

5. Provide Stock Options
Proactively inform your customers about the availability of the product. It is frustrating for customers to navigate to different pages to gather all the information about the product only to find out in the last step that the product is out of stock. Instead of hiding out of stock products, tell visitors that the products are temporarily unavailable and will be there soon. Chances are they come to your store in the future to look for that product. You can also create custom messages in case of limited stock i.e. “Hurry up! Only 1 more left.”

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